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&*%$!!! All right, I'll play along here. Before I do though, I'd like to point out that I've read mutliple blogs that have written a things NOT to do with your blog list. Every time, on that list is don't talk about yourself or your life, no one cares. So if you're reading this for Real Estate re...
                                                       I am fortunate enough to be taking part in the first annual Yankee Blog Swap.  Tomorrow this blog will be graced with the presence of Jeff Corbett from the X Broker  (and after previewing his article, I actually mean that in the most sincere ...
You'd think that being on the East coast you'd have an advantage on being informed of late released hot topics.  I recently learned that west coast bloggers don't actually get any sleep.Well Zillow actually got something right, finally, and in hindsight they've been getting it right all along.   ...
                    Ahhh the hangover.  The time when you remember how much you love advil, your couch, your blanket, and your water closet.  And a great time to think about / try to remember just what the hell happened, and what you're going to do about it.As promised, I wanted to present the ot...
Hold onto your hats people. The Carnival of Real Estate has finally made it around to little old me.  I have to say I am completely honered to be hosting the Carnival on it's 21st birthday. So submit your best entries by Sunday the third. And hopefully we can celebrate the big #21 with style, as ...
Apparently I've been under a rock, I swear I wasn't playing Mansion Impossible.  Regardless, Boston's skyline might be getting a facelift.  Only one developer, Steve Belkin, actually bid on the project.  He might have had a slight advantage, seeing as he owns an adjoining property.  As seen above...
 CNN reported on home prices across the country.  Hold onto your hats people, the bubble has popped, the sky is falling, housing prices fell a whopping ...... 1.2% this quarter compared to a year ago. What does that mean?  Not too much because real estate is local. Fortunately, the article is kin...
 I was just reading about the CFA ragging on the Real Estate Industry. One of their claims was that NAR and Real Estate boards (led mostly by Agents and Brokers) have been trying to keep barriers to entry low. The low barriers to entry causes there to be too many licensed agents, which leads to a...
Well, the Tomato is hosting a Carnival of Scary Real Estate stories, and lord knows I can't deny everyone this one...  It was a dark and stormy...morning. My third day on the job managing a one bedroom condo, also my very first property management gig. The owners moved out to Japan, and came to m...
So if you haven't noticed, I've been gone on a small vacation. So it's catch up time for me, time to get back in the groove and see what I've been missing. I figured I'd start it off with my week in review. Sellsius, Bloodhound, and Future of Real Estate blogs follow the trials and tribulations o...

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