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Agents, if you are in denial, yes I said you, not the home sellers, but you,  are in denial of working on short sales, you better jump on board now!  Nearly a year has passed since I decided to share my success with real estate agents and open Short Sale Resolution Network.  Many agents in areas ...
All right agents, I am finally going to share with you, your sellers and your buyers what the general Media either does not know or does not want the "general" public to know!  Let's wake up!  The prices are not turning around and movingup, although "someone" is attempting to make us all believe ...
Short sales done fast.  Seams every agent want listings, but not one wants to take the time to learn how to close a short sale once they sell it.....and that is totally fine with me since we can close them fast for you!  Pretty funny, I can not tell you how many times I get calls from agents who ...
Is there any reason why "Professional" real estate agents are not more "in tuned" to the amazing programs available to First Time Home Buyers?  As a loan professional, I often wonder why agents who state they are out to help their buyers have no interest in these program.  Most cities in the stat...
Have you ever seen or even heard of a FAST Short Sale, well, that is all we perfect to do at Short Sale Resolution Network! Click here. On September 30th, 2009 EXACTLY ONE MONTH from taking the paperwork from the sellers we received complete and total Short Sale Approvals from not one but two lie...
Homeowners do you have questions about your home? Do you currently owe more money on your home than it is worth? Click here. If you have been thinking what should we is a thought!  Real Estate Prices go up and down, the scary thing is many positive thinkers are saying give a few years,...
Are you thinking of buying a home?  Have you noticed that 1 of every 2 homes if not more are Short Sales? It can get kind of frustrating when nearly every home listed is a foreclosure or in default.  The biggest complaint I hear is about the bidding wars.   There are tons of stories of how buyers...
Newport Beach, California.  Beaches and Blue Skys, no sight of financial difficulties? Back in May, I asked several Top Producing Real Estate Agents what they thought about Short Sales, you will be amazed at what I heard. One agent said, " I will never do a listing where the seller can not pay of...
 What is s Short Sales Specialist? Seems the two words Short and Sale are together everywhere....the funny thing is most people do not even know what it really is.  In some cases the professionals are still in the dark as to what a short sale really is! First, as a professional with over 22 years...
Homeowners and agents, if you are looking for a Short Sale team to help you process your short sale, look no further!  The Short Sale Resolution Network, click here was formed by real estate professionals with over 20 years in the mortgage banking business.  We know what the banks are looking for...

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