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 Somewhere in between   As a buyer's agent I understand how the public looks at a home and what they say about it behind the closed doors. So when considering pricing your home take the below information as a gage, yes some homes differ but most buyers don't basically they don't want to feel like...
Here is a picture of my husband Scott and his dad George Schweiger with Jim Belushi on the set of According to Jim; this was one of the last According to Jim episodes.  I don't know if anyone knows this but my husband is a contractor and loved everything about that show. Currently his brother no...
How to Bake Pumpkin seeds Things you need: •·         Fresh pumpkin seeds •·         Vegetable oil or cooking spray •·         Salt •·         Kitchen knife •·         Baking sheet •·         Paper towel •·         Spatula Step 1 Separate the seeds of a freshly carved pumpkin from the stringy me...
For those that don't know our lovely town of Auburn was the location for Phenomenon starring John Travolta and showcasing our lovely Old Town Auburn.  This is a nice opportunity for the current locals that not only worked on the set it gives some of the extras the chance to talk about what it was...
   While working as a location manager on The Weight of it (Filmed in Auburn, Ca) The sound guy walked up to me and said "I think you are friends with one of my friends on MySpace, Rob " Sure enough I went to Robs friends page and there he was Dave  Losko owner of Audio Oasis of course I made him...
Poppy Lane Christmas tree & Pumpkin farm - A friend on MySpace Poppy Lane Christmas Farm 12110 Poppy Lane Auburn, California 95602 Located on the corner of Highway 49 and Poppy Lane. One mile north of Dry Creek Rd. Open October 4th - 31st and Nove...
  This picture of me with Cathie Eason at Good Day Sacramento promoting the Sacramento Breast Cancer Resource Center.  The bustiea I am wearing was designed by a breast cancer survivor (they called it Hollywood) and is modeled in a calendar sold on their website.  I am not a survivor but my mothe...
  •1.    Remove dirt: Wipe the exterior surfaces of the pumpkin clean using a damp cloth. •2.    Make a bleach solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach •3.    Spray the pumpkin inside and all cut areas of the pumpkin with the solution.  This will kill the bacteria and mold that cause rotting. •4.    L...
We all know the rules right? Don't put the tomatoes on the bottom of the basket, well on this day I entered the grashrie store like I always do from the produce side and started filling up my basket.  Then I notice as I looked down and saw that my poor vine ripened tomatoes where all the way at ...
Well it certainly is not our annual multi-million dollar contracts . . . or the papparazzi that follow us around! LOL But seriously . . . I was out to dinner with my husband and friends on Sunday, and the Tampa Bay-Boston final series game was on television.  We were seated at the bar waiting fo...

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