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Many of us have been ignoring dealing with short sales, but unfortunately like it or not we will be forced into dealing with short sales or forced out of the business.  Buyers know the term short sale and are actively seeking out Short Sales.  The cartoon above may be funny, but that is because ...
This is my favorite topic!  I do all of the below while keeping in direct connection with all face to face clients. Because it's not always about the tech crowd. Sandy Schweiger   Are You Connecting with Gen Y-ers? Do you Tweet?  Do you use Facebook?  What about using a Blackberry?  Do you text? ...
I just got the below e-mail and wanted to help this guy out.  He use to be a referee for me with PHYSC a few years ago. Tell your friends and stay safe. Happy Holidays  HI! My name is Matt Achen and I am a senior at Colfax High. My senior project is installing free smoke detectors to people who ...
Looks like some of the REO world will receive some much needed madness control.  HUD has passed much needed RESPA reform. Starting January 15, 2009, Builders will no longerbe able to force customers to use only their title company or their lender with the use of phantom incentives. Consumers will...
Placer Youth Soccer is making some exciting changes to its web site and we need your help. We are compiling a series of training videos for the upcoming year.  Below is a list of what we are looking for. Referee training - Demonstration of rules, what the job entails, Conduct on the filled, what ...
  There are many ways to shift in today's market in order to make extra money. Rick Geha has offered to come to Auburn and show us one of the ways he has been able to make extra money.  His product is for you're the female clients as well as the male. It can make you look 8 to 10 years younger in...
This is a perfect example of what it the world of Twitter!  LOVE IT!  Sandy SchweigerOK, here's another post for all of you who are still on the fence about "that silly little chat-thingy called Twitter".  I had been going through the motions, and when I went to a conference a couple weeks ago, I...
  I have been preparing for a Career Fair event at Del Oro High School here in Loomis; Ca where I will talk to an auditorium full of teenagers about what they need to learn in High school in order to work in Real Estate and it really got me thinking.......  What do you need to know to work in Rea...
  If you don't have a pre approval the listing agent is not likely to even look at your offer , You see the pre approval process only takes a few very short amout of time depending on your situation.  If you want the 3 bed 2 bath for a smoking deal it will not wait for you to get the below inform...

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