Why? Why? Why? While I do inspections in many homes that have a small number of items in need of repair, every once in a while there are things that make absolutely no sense and actually may put the sellers and of course the new buyers in danger, or at the least, financial expenses above what the...
 10 years and still growing. Hard to believe it's nearly ten years in business as a full time home inspector. But I've enjoyed every minute and can't wait for what's to come. 2009- At this time in 2009 I was working for another company in the building materials industry and had completed less tha...
     This might be our big break. That's the conversation my wife and I were having after an odd phone call in the fall of 2000. We were friends with a family and their children attended the same school as our kids and one of their daughters also went to the same ballet classes as our oldest daug...
                                                                 I was born Booker T. Smartwell, but my friends all call me Book Smart. One of them painted this picture of me in art class. Funny thing is, I don't smoke and I hate books. In fact, I can barely read past the third grade level. Any b...
I Think This Home Inspection Thing Might Work Out. I used to have a very steady and enjoyable job before I was a home inspector. I worked for Georgia Pacific Corporation which became Bluelinx. Most people thinks that's a railroad. It's not, it's a building materials distributor. I sold building ...
Why is it my Fault? I ask myself this question every once in a while after a home inspection has "caused" the deal to go south. The story is similar in every case this has happened. Buyer calls and schedules their home inspection. Buyer says it's their first home. Buyer shows up at the home insp...
 Winter is not Coming, It's here and it's Mad Old Man Winter is here and he's here with a vengeance. It's Furnace Time! Winter was pretty rough in Bourbonnais, Illinois last year and it's even worse this year. There are a few things that are worse than a furnace acting up in the middle of the wi...
Blessed to Have Him      I have been inspecting homes for new home buyers for about 8 years full time. I was doing inspections part time for a few years before that. I was always a one man shop until July of 2018. I have averaged 2 inspections a day Monday through Friday for the past 2 years. Ov...
When You Have to Shoot, Shoot. Don't Talk. This could also be titled... There's no time like the present.  It could also be titled Be Prepared. The best time to do something is now.     How many times in your life did you have an opportunity to do something, but maybe had reservations about how i...
I am always looking for an edge in my business, and if that edge can even make me look a little better than usual, all the better. My original profile picture was one that featured an American flag flying over the bridge that crossed the Galena River. It was taken at  Boy Scout campout that our t...

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