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I don't want to sound ungreatful but, why is it people set up appointments for showings and not show up. I even made a courtesy call the night before to confirm the appointment. I drove 68 miles to show a property and the client never showed up nor called to cancel. I have not seen nor heard from...
I found this very interesting so I'm posting it here for all to see:   Interest Rate Report - March 2009 Mortgage interest rates remained historically low during February, keeping mortgages affordable for those who can still qualify. Existing Home Sales - March 2009 January existing homes sales f...
What's the deal with this countess that can't live off of 43 million dollars a year. My goodness I just can't believe that this is such a punishment for this poor woman after a divorce. She needs $8000.00 a month for travel, $1500 a week for personal hygene, and the list goes on. Meanwhile, you h...
How do you cope with the fact that your office is giving incoming agents better commission split than you recieve? I think it's a bit ot of character to do this. Why would you not take care off the agents that are there keeping you ship afloat. It 's fine that the agreement is to take care of the...
Imagine that we all were treated in this manner for trying to get ahead in our Real Estate careers. If you been bah-humbugging the power of Facebook and other social media, take a glimpse at a story that's posted on the Newsweek Web site. It's "The Cookie Crumbles," by Kurt Soller, a New York-bas...
I entered this business in the worst possible time, as my instructor told all of us. Since I've started my Real Estate career I think I have been very fortunate. I'm not trying to toot my own horn but, By the end of March I will have 5 closings this year. I'm sure some of the seasoned agents out ...
Lets start by saying that Christmas Sucks this year. I know, I know, it's only what you make it. Here is something for you to think about while your beating yourself up over not being able to buy that special gift or dreading the pain in the A$$ rushing around. Step back and take a look at those ...
The market is now a dark dreary place. That doesn't mean that we as Realtors should also turn into doom and gloom. I'm using this time in this slow market to flood the public with advertising. It's a prime time to get your name out there and have people remember you for the next big rush. I have ...
I just wanted to take the time to wish every one of my friends and clients a SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN. It only takes a minute and a random act of kindness to change some ones day. Please makes sure you too are able to change or make a difference in some ones day. Be safe out there and it's only ...
I have been reading most blogs for the past few weeks. WHY are so many people complaining about the economy? We as a united front of agents know the market is BAD. We don't need to be reminded by our peers that it's the pits. I know I shouldn't be commenting on such an issue being new but, I actu...

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