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This blog is about Cindy Lin's adventure in home staging industry and developing a green real estate promotional product. Cindy stages home with her Staged4more team in San Francisco bay area (mainly but not limited to San Mateo and San Francisco counties). She also launched EcoJoe, the green St Joseph Statue home selling kit last year. This blog reflects the journey of both of her companies.
Whether you are staging homes or just entertaining guests in your home, a little bit elegant and fun presentation can go a long way. It not only makes the table looks nice, adds points of interests, it can also be a great conversation starter if you are strapped for topics (This post is a tribut...
Home selling is not only a grueling process emotionally, it can also be grueling on your bank account. Here are a few tips that can help you to prep your home for sale, and at the same time not breaking your bank: 1. For exterior curb appeal: a. Power wash the exterior walls & windows instead of ...
I am so excited to announce the new website & logo roll-out. It certainly has been quite a process and struggle. There were a lot contemplating as to what direction I want it to go, but ultimately, I want the site to be informational for both sellers and agents. And of course, I tend to go off p...
Enjoy a Week of Mentoring, Coaching, Networking, & Resource Sharing with Established Business & Professional Women During Hire-A-Businesswoman Week - September 17 - 21I am pleased to announce that I will be a speaker during the first semi-annual Hire-A-Businesswoman Week (September 17 - 21, 2007)...
Here is a very quick and dirty poll for ya. For the longest time I have been pondering why people hire stagers because it seems that most people nowadays judge based on the pricing, instead of the stagers' experiences, customer services, etc. I certainly have lost several projects to stagers who ...
Enter Hova. FabricPotsTM are collapsible and lightweight (reducing energy and space needed per unit for shipping), and incorporate eco-friendly material options (the sleeves are available in 100% recycled polyester and the bases are recyclable plastic). It’s also a lot less to carry, easier on t...
I have been writing a 5-part series on Seller Objections and the responses has been LOW. Similarly with others that talk about staging, small business, marketing, etc. Not that I need a pat on the shoulder saying "Good job, Cindy." but the lack of feedback from the readers is a frustration becaus...
In case you missed it, I am running a 5-part series on Seller Objections: "I don't believe in staging""My kids are preventing me from staging""I don't want to pay for it""I am too busy to keep the home staged""Me and significant other both work and we have no time" (I did make a boo-boo and misse...
This sounds fun! Let me know if you wanna come with. Pair your favorite chair with your favorite wine. During our Mix or Match Sale, the arrangement is up to you: Match six for a cohesive look or mix six for an eclectic setting. Dining chairs, stools and tables in any combination are 15% off when...
Hello all, I organize a meet up group for women who are small business owners. We are having an happy hour today and it's open to public. Please come on by if you can and join us for some sushi! Cheers, Cindy SF Bay Small Biz WomenMeet other local Women who are Small Business Owners! Come to a Sm...

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