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This blog is about Cindy Lin's adventure in home staging industry and developing a green real estate promotional product. Cindy stages home with her Staged4more team in San Francisco bay area (mainly but not limited to San Mateo and San Francisco counties). She also launched EcoJoe, the green St Joseph Statue home selling kit last year. This blog reflects the journey of both of her companies.
I must say that although I've been away from the Rain for a period of day, there are just days I feel like I've never left the Rain. When I go to real estate events (stagers or real estate in general), there are still people coming up to me and say hello. That is always an amazing feeling! I thin...
(you may have noticed that this blog does not link to my normal staging blog. I now write a tech topic only blog at www.smallbizgurltalkstech.com)   milano stazione centrale ferrovie - milan train station / italia, italy / hdr by paolo margari on ...
  Hey folks! So I have had my flip cam forever and I have just been recording random family stuff and traveling stuff for my own amusement. I finally put it to good use for my business last night for recording a 90-sec video pitch for one of my business partner Edith Yeung's new pet project: bigs...
I had a chance recently to go to LA and spoke at local stager's event (graciously hosted by the Brooks distribution center) about online marketing (we also now offer trainings, if you are interested, visit Staged4more's Training page). I was really pleasantly surprised to get emails from people b...
I was very honored to be invited and got invited to speak. The most incredible thing is of course visiting seeing friends in the staging industry and meet new ones. If you are coming to see me speak, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS WORKSHEET:handout-los-angeles-sta...
Hello ladies & gentsI am in the process of finishing up my book on real estate marketing that is set for publishing this spring and want to incorporate a few more case studies.Please email me cindy@staged4more.com if you are interested. I am looking for case studies of agents who:*transformed the...
Hello Staged4more community! Thanks again for your amazing support in the past few years. I know I have been quiet on the blog lately, but with good reasons. Staged4more had received great press opportunities in 2008, such as staging for HGTV and awards (2008 Make Mine A Million competition winne...
Whew! I know, I know, I haven’t written blogs for awhile (you will see why in 2009! I have books and courses for training companies being written & published right now, so all the writing juice went that way… You will definitely be the first to know when the first book hit the market in mid-sprin...
Hello the lovely Active Rain community!   Please help me welcome my friend Monica Vera who is a stager in Texas! She is just about to write her first blog and she needs some encouragement! I would love if you can shoot her a message to help her getting over the first step! We were all once newbie...
I read this script recently that teaches realtors how to teach their clients “on staging home to sell:” “I’m going to give you the two biggest money-making words there are when it comes to showing your home: depersonalize and declutter. It’ll make you house look bigger and is the best thing you c...

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