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This blog is about Cindy Lin's adventure in home staging industry and developing a green real estate promotional product. Cindy stages home with her Staged4more team in San Francisco bay area (mainly but not limited to San Mateo and San Francisco counties). She also launched EcoJoe, the green St Joseph Statue home selling kit last year. This blog reflects the journey of both of her companies.
Hot or not?! Should I add this to my staging arsenal? Do you think buyers will be able to visualize themselves living there now? hee hee Found on SappyMooseTree. You can find other fun stuff like Angel Bacons, Snow Ball Ornaments, and even apparel & paper goods. It’s very quirky and fun stuff, an...
Sushi is a great love of mine, another one is color. A fantastic thing about sushi is that it is a feast to your eyes. The fattiness of the sushi adds depths & shades to the fish itself. Look at how vibrant that ikura is! (center grid, fish roes) MMM yum! Here are a few ways you can infuse the su...
I posted my previous post Seller’s Over-Confidence Killed The Deal And His Own Pocket and the lovely Marzena Melby of Counselor Realty.com had a comment that captured the post so well that I think it deserves its own post: Cindy, In more than 12 years of my real estate practice I have seen many s...
The new edition of Carnival of Real Estate Home Staging is here!  In her blog Adding a little more alphabet to my REALTOR(R) soup! posted at Team Reba Real Estate, Reba Haas shares her experiences of gaining a real estate designation on stag...
I caught TLC’s Property Ladder this morning about a 25-year-old seller & first time house flipper T.J. who “hopes to make a ton of cash in just 12 weeks by doing a modern makeover on a classic house. Things go terribly wrong when his loan applications are rejected and he is forced to beg, borrow...
I still can’t believe 2007 is already over. A year has changed a lot! Pamela Anderson has gotten married… and err.. divorced. Paris Hilton went to jail. Facebook is now yesterday’s Friendster. K-Fed is actually proven to be the “better” parent than Britney Spears. Oh my my! And these are the stag...
After 11207 Visits & 50240 Page Views by visitors in 2007, here are the Best of Staged4more in 2007: Most Popular Posts What Britney Spears Taught Me About Staging to Sell A HomeWhy Staged Homes Don’t SellWhat Makes a Stager an Amateur or a Professional?How a Stager Can Potentially Kill Your Deal...
Not all staging is created equal and not everyone is into staging like I do. Often times I see sellers or agents are really into the idea of staging and its potential on equity gains, etc., but they do things that hinder the results of staging. Here is my opinions why you shouldn’t stager your l...
As someone who has staged roughly $30+ million worth of real estate now, I often find resistance from agents to market their listings as Staged Homes. Which I find SHOCKING. Staging is a great market differentiator and a great tool for agents to utilize and to potentially increase their edge as ...
As part of my ASPM (Accredited Staging Professional MASTER) training with the Creator of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz, my Final was to make over part of my hotel room with $100 budget using the existing furnishing from the hotel. I had a great time shopping at Home Goods (my favorite stores hands d...

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