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Sow in the Spring and Summer to reap in the Fall and Winter.     There is a real estate cycle that doesn't change from year to year.  Things pick up in the Spring and slow down in the Fall. Use  your time in the slow times to get ready for the busy times. Prospects are needed to sell real estate....
Fantastic reblog on lists of steps to get ready for photos.  A good photo is worth a 1000 words. The camera doesn't lie!  Remember you will need a little time to get these steps done. Barb Schwarz says the way we live in a home and the way we show a home are two different things! Follow these ide...
The "Property Brother's" can't be wrong!   One of the property brother's said on HGTV"S  Income Properties show tonight,  the owners have not staged to sell, so they are inviting lower offers, lowball offers, and a buyer can come in under the asking price. The income property was well lived in wi...
Staging a home before it is clean!  This is tantamount to applying lipstick to a pig.  It just doesn't work.  The pig is still ugly!    Staging around outdated furniture.  If there is a disconnect between the age of the furniture and the age of the house, then rent more up-to-date furnishings. Th...
Home staging is preparing your home to sell in the shortest amount of time and for the most money. Staging involves the entire property from curb to curb, from front to back. Staging includes all the preparatory steps of: Cleaning Repairing Remodeling Editing Furnishings & Personal Decor A key sk...
What is the real estate market like in Abilene?   In one word:  "Good."   To explain what that means - in real estate good usually means that the value of the home is sustained or increasing.   The average sales price over the past 10 years in Abilene when graphed has a nice pleasing upward incli...
Should I Buy a House in Abilene, TX?   Calico, the cat says, go ahead and buy a house and just make sure there's a comfy couch for your cat to lie on.        Three Reasons to buy a house in Abilene:   stable market. comparatively affordable house prices.   low interest rates.   The market may get...
Before and After Photos tell a compelling story without saying a word. More than once now, I have forgotten to take a before photo of rooms that once staged were drop dead gorgeous! It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting it staged quickly that the before photos never happened...
  When you want your house to be incognito, then post this vacant room on your selling website.   One would think I would be able to find a photo of an empty room. But I searched for let's just say quite some time through a computer file of some 3000 photos, just don't ask me why!   I am almost ...
FULL MOON TONIGHT COMPETING FOR ATTENTION FROM THE STREETLIGHTS OF ABILENE TEXAS    You never know what will happen on a night with a full moon.     When I was little, I would look for the "man" in the moon.  Tonight, the "man" in the moon seems to be missing.  The dagger shape descending from t...

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