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Living in Jefferson County WI,... GOOD FISHIN!     No matter what the season fishin' is good in Jefferson County WI! Living in Jefferson County WI,... GOOD FISHIN! So if you want to live where the fishing is good, Call; Laura S. Baker(920) 728-4118 Realtor, First Weber GroupBakerL@FirstWeber.com...
  Selling Your Home In South Central WI?  Staging tip; Buyers Can Be Scared Of The Dark! Yep, that's right!  Buyer's can be afraid of the dark!  So what do you do with a dark area?  Especially when the budget doesn't allow for more electrical to be run to lighten and brighten?  Here's what I did;...
Okay, I know it's hard to believe but I love April Fools Day!  And well, even though it was yesterday Richard Yates pulled together some of the most fun April FoOl's day links here that I just couldn't let them go!  It's spring break week here for us and I'm thinking it's also going to be an ApR...
Just listed In Jefferson County WI?  This Custom Built Home Will Surely Get The Optimum Attention!!! This custom built home has all the features you've been dreaming of. Parking while usually at a premium in this area is not overlooked by this builder. Only the best finishes throughout, from tum...
Spring Home Show, March 30, 31, and April 1, Jefferson County Fair Park, Jefferson WI! Spring has definitely sprung in Jefferson County WI!  Gardens are cleaned out, homes are sparkling and we are all looking for ways to make our homes all they can be!     But use caution my friends!  How do you...
The Dream of Buying a Home in Jefferson County WI May Be Closer Than You Think!  Come To Our Buyers Seminar! Real Estate Experts from First Weber, Ric Kotwitz & Laura S. Baker along with Mortgage Specialist, Steve Bauman will be there to answer all your questions Today at 1:00 p.m. at the Jeffer...
I know, I know it just isn't the same not actually going in person to Rain Camp but it is the second best thing!  You will still learn a lot.  Don't miss this chance to get more social and rock that first page of Google!    Registration now open for RainCamp: More Social, Less Media When: April 1...
Preparing A Property For Sale in South Central Wisconsin, Just How Far Would You Go? Appealling To A Younger Generation. Clearly by the look of these photo's, this amazing lake property needs a little updating.  It has some wonderful features. One of the dilemma's of Real Estage Staging is how f...
Okay, It may seem silly to you all that I am reblogging another Realtors listing but you have got to see this!  My friend Tom Braatz Realtor at Oconomowoc ReMax has this Condo listing in Hartland WI and it is amazing!  Quite honestly, I was actually a little miffed at Tom when I first walked in t...
A Little St.Patrick's Day Advice To Save You From Looking As Silly As A Leprechaun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With all the texting, blogging, e-mails and other forms of (sometimes way toooooo casual) writing, many of us (not me of course) tend to make several mistakes in grammar and spellin...

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