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The appeal of a beautiful room has many aspects, physically, visually, and emotionally. Every room needs careful attention, from floor to ceiling. Each step builds upon the next. Careful consideration must be taken when accessorizing and creating a room. Keep in mind the style and "feel" you are ...
  Creating a beautiful room involves many different elements: color, creativity, placement, furniture and accessorizing. One of the most important and intimidating is the process of color. Many of my clients will fall back to neutral beiges (when done right, beiges can be very cozy), which may re...
Spring is just around the corner. Are you looking to sell your home? Then these 5 easy step will help you get started.     1. Clean it. Make sure your home is clean. Not just the surfaces but all the hidden places. Buyers do check out all     the areas in your home so don't assume they won't see ...
Each year Pantone, the official color experts in the world, meet to discuss what color they will promote. This year "Color of the year" is Emerald Green!! Pantone uses words like "Lively, Radiant, Lush. A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." An...
Did you know that color has meaning and emotions? No? Well they do!! Many companies will spent thousands of dollars on a color specialist to get the right color for their products or office/building. That's how important color is! I though it would be fun to give you some insight behind each colo...
  Why is it so difficult to choose a paint color? As a decorator I see a lot of clients' homes. More often than not I hear, "I thought this was the perfect color until I saw it on the wall". So many times the homeowner has chosen a color that does not co-ordinate with their decor. Why is that? Ma...
What does Thanksgiving and Home Depot have in common? A 5 gallon bucket!! That is what you will need for this recipe!! The aftermath of Sandy has left many people with no homes, a tragedy that will take some time to rebuild. That being said, there is so much for which to be thankful. I hope that ...
Reclaimed wood anyone? Have you noticed just how popular reclaimed wood has become,or for that matter, anything reclaimed? Nowadays it's about being "green". Last month I posted a blog in Activerain  "What's old is new again" about reclaimed furniture. So using reclaim wood became an obsession fo...
What's old is new again? Have you noticed lately how everything is going "Green" including design? Refurbish, reuse, reclaim just about anything!! And why not? Going Green not only saves the planet, it eliminates a of lot waste in the landfill. As a stager and redesigner, I'm always on the look o...
Hiring a color specialist? If you were remodeling your home, or building a new one, you would hire professionals to get the job done. But would you hire a color specialist? No? Why not? As a color specialist, and stager of Abella Home Staging & Redesign, I'm amazed at how many people do not hire ...

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