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Allied Waste Republic Services Garbage Collection Program in Avon Lake Many people have asked how the the new blue and green garbage cans program will work in Avon Lake. Now especially since almost all of the city has the new cans now.  If you have not received the new cans yet, you will soon.  H...
With the sudden changes in Cleveland and Avon Lake area weather, you wonder about keeping that basment dry.  Here are some suggestions. Grading the land around your house  First thing you will want to do is determine if there are any low spots in the ground around the house where water can pool o...
When that snow melts from your Avon Lake home you have to prepare for the potential of water finding it's way into your home.  Here are some things to consider. Clear ice and snow: If your house is still surrounded by snow, clear away any snow that is piled up against it. Look at areas near your ...
   Many Avon Lake cell phone users, and those with workable landlines, received a CodeRED message that evening warning of dangerous conditions outside and asking residents to remain home if possible. Code Red is a reverse 9-1-1 system used by municipalities in urgent situations. Individuals must ...
 Prepare an emergency car kit Always have winter safety and emergency equipment in your car. A basic car kit should contain the following: Food that won't spoil, such as energy bars Water—plastic bottles that won't break if the water freezes (replace them every six months) Blanket Extra clothing ...
Here are the list of the utiltiy companies for Avon Lake area.   Avon Lake Municipal Utilities is the water and sewer service provider for Loain County that includes a water filtrationplant, water pollution control center and distribution and collection system.  Century Link provides local, long ...
In the heyday of the real estate bubble, if you got what is called a "commitment letter" from a bank, in which the bank conditionally promises to make you a loan), you could rest assured you would get the loan. A commitment letter meant you could remove the loan contingency. But after the housing...
The Westwinds in Avon Lake have homes available for purchase.  The Westwinds is one of more established and most beautiful developments in Avon Lake.  Situated between Walker and Lake Road on the East end of Avon Lake.  The homes there feature 10ft. ceilings, luxurious master suites and beautiful...
Academic achievement of the students at Avon Lake High School has been recognized at the local, state and national level. Newsweek Magazine has ranked Avon Lake High School in the Top 1,500 high schools (2009, 2010), and Top 500 high schools (2011, 2012, 2013). For three consecutive school years ...
If you are like me here in Avon Lake, Ohio, you are going on one heck of a cold freeze or what they are referring to as a polar vortex.  What better time to think about curb appeal for that winter home. Here are some quick ideas to give that home a little extra punch to sell this time of year: 1....

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