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Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, technology is overwhelming. Yes, it’s exciting! Yes, it’s dynamic! Yes, it clearly creates awesome opportunities. But alas, it is confusing, ever changing and hugely time consuming. With over 27 million tweets per day, 260 billion Facebook page views per ...
Realogy Corporation, the world’s largest real estate franchise group, last week reported their results through March 31st. The one-liner is that the Q1/10 revenue of $819 million is up 18% over the same period last year. The growth is principally attributed to the move-up, higher priced markets a...
Could a Social Media Web site be a threat to the dominance of the Google Search Engine? Facebook has introduced a new revolutionary shift in the evolution of the Internet with its announcement last week at the f8 developer conference of their soon-to-be-ubiquitous “Open Graph” initiative - a new ...
December 2009 saw the demise of Editor & Publisher Magazine, which had been around since 1854. It lays claim to being the chief chronicler of the American newspaper industry and has presided over the business for 125 years and is a clear signal that an era is rapidly drawing to a close. NEWSPAPER...
Every year as part of the new edition of the Swanepoel TRENDS Report also looks back at the passing year and the people that made deadlines. We remember and salute them for their contribution during 2009.  Here are the Newsmakers of 2009:   # 10 John Bearden As one of the most beloved executives ...
Every year as part of the new edition of the Swanepoel TRENDS Report the 160 page Report also looks back at the passing year and lists those events that transpired during the year that made headlines and captured the industry’s attention and imagination. The 2010 edition is due for release on Feb...
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Six months ago I wrote a blog post about The Changing Face of Real Estate Franchise Brands that garnished a lot of attention because I dared to compare and even more list in order the top 10 franchise brands in my opinion. Then last month my blog post Merge Creates One of the Largest Real Estate ...
Barely a year ago the real estate industry was stunned when Canadian-based Brookfield Residential Property Services (Brookfield RPS), a division of Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (Brookfield), and owner of Royal LePage, the largest Canadian residential real estate company, acquired GMAC Real Es...
Communicating and marketing with your customers or potential customers used to be simple. You had a few options such as TV, radio, print, etc. The advent of the Internet and the recent growth of Social Media have in some respect made this process easier, but at the same time considerably more com...

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