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Just as it’s important to know the rules of the road and driving etiquette before driving on the open highways, so it is equally important that you have an understanding of the customs of Social Media. Although no hard legal rules exist, there are many good manners to follow if you want the vast ...
Many agents often ask me at seminars where do they start with Twitter? How do they make contact with great people on real estate? Who can they learn from? Etc. etc. Well to make it easy I have compiled a list of 200 Interesting and Influential People on Twitter. I have made it so easy that you ca...
SOCIAL MEDIA SNIPPET: Guess who the Top 10 Government Agencies on Twitter are? See answer here. I only got 4 right? How did you do?  
What do you mean you didn’t know that they were talking about you, your company, your brand and your service? Of course they are, every day. And not even behind you back. No, the discussion is in the open. Right there on the web, in the chat room, in the forum and on one of the many social media ...
Your profile, posts and comments on most Social Media networks will be available for many thousands, maybe even everyone to see – forever. It is therefore vitally important that you conduct yourself correctly. Be yourself, be open, be transparent, share… and all those other good things. Just deci...
Great presentation from one of the masters of social media. Thanks for the trial blazing Jeff.Yesterday, I finally got around to editing the kickoff presentation I did at REBarcamp Denver. This morning I received this message in tweet from Jeremy Blanton: "Can you do me a fav & put that video up ...
Business & Social Media & Networks have exploded the last 5 years. So much so that I have been asked by hundreds of brokers and agents when am I going to write about it more and provide suggestions, tips and strategies on how to master this growing "monster." The good news is that I am busy writi...
There is always a debate going on in the real estate industry about which company is the largest. As some don't disclose financials and others use different measuring criteria (offices, agents, sales volume, profitability, brand recognition, etc.) we have many potential "winners". This article is...
Most of the leading Social Media sites such as MySpace and Twitter have been offering customized and/or vanity URLs for their profiles for quite some time; the world's largest social-network, Facebook has not. This all changed late Friday and early Saturday, June 12th and 13th, when Facebook allo...
Following the crash of the initial dotcom bubble in 2001 many people claimed to have created or coined the phrase Wed 2.0 as we in subsequent years the industry grappled with what would come next. By 2004 the term Web 2.0 was appearing everywhere and euphoria reined with this next phase of the In...

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