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This patio home in Tempe AZ 85281 is now for sale at $210,000 - 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, updated kitchen, balcony with views of Camelback Mountain. It is one of those locations which allow you to only minimally use your car, if you choose so. It is 10-minute walk close to down town Tempe, and m...
Re-blogging from Margaret Goss 's blog. Good news is always welcome!     Covid-19 Not all Bad News!   There’s a pretty smart guy out there who writes a tech/financial blog. He shared his blog online with his customers and I was able to see it.   Peter Diamandis is the founder and executive of the...
One of the rare experiences in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun is walking in the desert after a rain - all the plant and tree fragrances, the bird songs, the exquisite sitings, the feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. To me it feels like the desert equivalent of a forest walk.  View of the Camelb...
This post is my participation in Richie Alan Naggar 's BOAST-A-POST challenge. He invites us to think of a memorable, inspiring or informative post that had remained with us for a long time. It's a hard task, as there are so many brilliant, exceptional posts by so many people who share experience...
Year after year I attend the Trends in Real Estate Event, organized by Arizona Association of Realtors®. Always thought-provoking, informative, entertaining, insightful. I usually take one insight and test how it worked in my business and what I can do to make it better.This year's Trends in Real...
My blog post "Snow on Superstition Mountains" was my most visited blog for the last 12 months.  Being grateful to my readers, I decided than an update of the views is due on the last day of the year. The photo above was taken from the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ. We can see on the last...
One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, " What are you doing?" The youth replied, " Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw...
 Last month the violet and green bursts of color surprised me, this month pf December I have been noticing more orange-yellow shades and hues than any other color. I see them on shrubs near our home, on citrus trees full of ripe oranges. I love those warm and smiling colors. The bees must think t...
There are great advantages to owning a home, yet many people continue to rent. The financial benefits are just some of the reasons why homeownership has been a part of the long-standing American dream. reported that: “Buying remains the more attractive option in the long term – that ...
 I hadn't seen hail in Tempe AZ since maybe 2011.When the hail started pounding on our roof,  I grabbed the camera to snap a photo of the rare phenomenon. A lot of other people were doing the same and posting on NextDoor - a whole street covered in little white spheres. They were melting quickly,...

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