Over the weekend I had a bittersweet experience.  My husband and I moved our oldest daughter out to her first official apartment.  (I say first official apartment because your college apartment doesn’t count.)  This is her first apartment with a roommate and paying her own way. It was bittersweet...
 Summer is my favorite season of the year!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE summer!!  As much as I love summer—I dislike the winter!  Since I dislike winter so much, you could assume that I don’t like the fall that much.  That would be correct because it gets colder and I know what is coming next---winter! In...
We have a FABULOUS farmer's market located in the subdivision of Dale City (it is located on Dale Blvd in between the Giant and Comcast.)  Here is a partial list of what is there:   A=apples B=beans C=corn on the cob D=Dips E=eggplant F=flower G=green beans H=herbs I=insect control J=jalapenos K=...
How often do you check your e-mails?  While sitting in line to get my daughters car inspected, a lady called into the radio station and wanted opinions from the listeners to see if it was her or them. (Her discussion was a TOTALLY different discussion and I won’t go into that!)                   ...
Welcome to my network of informed consumers who are interested in updates and insights about our real estate market! If you have any questions or concerns about our local real estate market, I'm here to help! Let's begin with the 7 Key Reasons Why NOW is the Prime Time to Buy a Home: 1. Home aff...
Woodbridge, VA is a large city located in Prince William County.  The city has 3 main zip codes.  This Market Snap Shot shows the zip code of 22192.  The largest community in this zip code is Lake Ridge.  There are over 7,000 single family homes, townhouses and condos in Lake Ridge.  Lake Ridge h...
Last night about 8:30pm, I got a call from a seller.  (My clients are buying her house on Friday.)  Seller is very upset. She said she sent e-mails to everyone and hadn’t heard back from anyone—not sure who she e-mailed.  I do know she sent 2 messages to the title company because they e-mailed me...
Today I decided to tell you a little bit about how I became a Realtor.  My husband was active duty military for 20 years.  We moved 7 times in our first 12 years of marriage-I know, that is a LOT of moving!  (It is also a major pain!!)  We moved to Woodbridge, VA in Jan of 1998 and have been very...

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