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For far too long, Real Estate Professionals have had to choose between two paths; The path of being a Real Estate Agent or the path of being a Creative Real Estate Investor. Finally, there is a brokerage that allows you to do both -- StepStone Realty!



A few weeks ago, an agent started a short sale with us.  "Thanks for the opportunity to help you," we told her, "where's your listing agreement?" She responded by telling us she hadn't listed it yet because she told the owner before she would list the property, the owner would have to "clean it u...

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For decades, Real Estate Professionals have had to choose between the path of being a Licensed Agent or being a Creative Real Estate Investor. Myths have emerged that cause brokers to fear investors and investment activities. That in turn makes investors afraid that being licensed will hurt their investment activities. As a consequence, You, as a Real Estate Professional, have been limited in your ability to make money. Your freedom has been stifled and you are restricted from adapting to ever changing market conditions. It doesn’t have to be that way. StepStone Realty allows you to be both. You can be a Licensed Creative Real Estate Investor. Instead of struggling to make money for your broker, you can finally make money for yourself. Join StepStone Realty and get the Freedom to Succeed!