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For far too long, Real Estate Professionals have had to choose between two paths; The path of being a Real Estate Agent or the path of being a Creative Real Estate Investor. Finally, there is a brokerage that allows you to do both -- StepStone Realty!



Great blog today by Janna.  "Reasonable" time.... not sure what that can mean or if it will help.  What are your thoughts?  Going to post Janna's blog to the fan page as well.  This is something we all need to stay up on.Janna Rankin Scharf, GRI, CLHMS, SFR - Coeur d'Alene Idaho Real Estate New s...
If you follow my blog, there's a good chance I follow yours AND comment on just about every one.  Larry breaks down the benifits.  My guess is that this blog is going to get featured, but if you didn't see it, READ it!  I encourage everyone to comment!Blogs, Posts and Comments, Oh My!!!! Sure, th...
Aaron is a fantastic professional in our nationwide network of Realtors.  If you live in Central Texas, give Aaron a call.  He will help you avoid foreclosure!Avoid foreclosure with an expert ... don't sell yourself short | Austin, TX If you are in the situation of nearing a foreclosure of your h...
The following are true CASES from our years of processing short sales: CASE A:  We presented Lender X with an offer of $85,000.  Lender X refused the offer, foreclosed, then listed the property for $60,000 and immediately accepted an offer of $55,000. CASE B:  We provided an offer that thrilled t...
Jeff's post is great advice for all of us.  I love his comments about "picking up the phone".  I've had some great phone conversations (ironically one with Debe Maxwell who Jeff mentions below) with Active Rain members.  What a great way for us to learn from each other.  I post my phone number al...
Here is a well-written blog by Kristen Wheatley.  If you don't already subscribe to her blog, you should!  She has a lot of great tips in her blogs for members and she does localism very well... we all can learn how to harness the power of active rain by mimicking her.  I normally don't re-blog l...
These are great tips from Jason Crouch... not only for buyers and sellers, but for agents as well!  Its an older post, so I thought it was a good idea to refresh everyone if they've already read it or highlight it if they haven't. One of my favorite things about being a real estate broker/agent i...
I can't tell you how many times I've heard a distressed seller say just that.  "I want to keep the house."  And yet, everything they tell me about their situation says that they can't.  If you hear these words, know that your client is in DANGER! Its time to sit your client down and have a very s...
Very cool tool here, if you have not seen it yet check it out!  If you have seen it, how are you using it?  Has it improved results?Below is an example of what a page peel looks like.  There are only 5 files required to have a PagePeel on your page.  This is the code that I use to include the Pee...
Interesting approach by FHA... it still requires a short sale, though.  Loan officers, if you need help negotiating the short sale, we can do that for you!  Ask us how!  Thanks, Janna for providing this great informationJanna Rankin Scharf, GRI, CLHMS, SFR - Coeur d'Alene Idaho Real Estate Many h...

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For decades, Real Estate Professionals have had to choose between the path of being a Licensed Agent or being a Creative Real Estate Investor. Myths have emerged that cause brokers to fear investors and investment activities. That in turn makes investors afraid that being licensed will hurt their investment activities. As a consequence, You, as a Real Estate Professional, have been limited in your ability to make money. Your freedom has been stifled and you are restricted from adapting to ever changing market conditions. It doesn’t have to be that way. StepStone Realty allows you to be both. You can be a Licensed Creative Real Estate Investor. Instead of struggling to make money for your broker, you can finally make money for yourself. Join StepStone Realty and get the Freedom to Succeed!