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     Louisville come away with a hard fought double overtime win last night against West Virginia.  It looked as if UofL would win pretty easily early on but WVU had different thoughts.  Lousiville will play tonight against a very good Pitt team but their NCAA tournament birth is intact wether th...
                                                          I have a contact who is interested in trying to find a lease option in my area.  Coming from a tourist town, lease options are pretty popular in her area.  The problem is they are not popular in my area.  She is not gonna work for the firs...
                                                Well, I think UK has sealed their invitation to the NCAA tournament. I am not saying they would have been invited if they had lost but I think they needed that win for a sure bid. The big question is still out there, what about Tubby?      I think e...
    I just noticed that there are 9675 profiles now on AR.  I don't know if the AR guys have a contest running on this or not but I thought it would be fun.      What Date do you think AR will hit 10,000?    I am gonna guess December 17, 2006.    Just comment with your guess if you want to play ...
    This had the making of being a very good Thanksgiving break.  Thanksgiving generally is one of my favorite holidays, we get together with family, eat a lot, watch football but more importantly there are no gifts to have to worry about and the cleanup is not as bad as say 'Christmas'.      Wel...
                                                                             Well last week (Wednesday) I finally decided that I should go to an oral surgeon and have them check on my wisdom teeth.  I have been told for many years by my dentist that I should have them taken out.  I always said "W...
    Hey guys it has been awhile since I have been on AR.  I just checked and the last blog I wrote was back on Oct. 13th.  Looking around at the posts I see a lot of new faces.  I also see some of the many friends I made over the last several months.  It feels really good to blog again.    I just...
          Check out Wirefly for your new cell phone or smart phone. I have looked up a lot of sites to find a new cell phone and this was one of the best ones I could find.  Most carriers and phones are available and the majority are free with a contract.  Some phones even have a free bonus such ...
    Georgetown, Kentucky home of the largest Toyota Manufacturing plant in North America, built the first American made Camry Hybrid.  For those of you who are not from around here, when Toyota has a significant new product, they also have a huge ceremony.  Yesterday at the end of 1st shift there...
   does anyone know.  I thought maybe I had missed the post but I did a search and nothing.  I know Matt and the guys are busy so I guess I will just call myself the winner and they won't have to worry about it anymore.  Does anyone else think they should win, if so let me know. p.s.  this blog w...

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