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                              Now that there are so many bloggers here on AR it is amazing how many different styles of profile pictures there are.   You have your professional photographer pictures, indoor studio, outdoor, with pets, with spouse, logos and many, many more.      I have read confl...
    I blogged the other day about tailgating at high school and college football games and how great of a place that is to give out business cards.  I probably gave out 50-75 at the Georgetown College game last weekend.      Being newer in the Real Estate business I try to give out business cards...
               Last Saturday was a beautiful day in Georgetown Kentucky.  Century 21 Commonwealth Real Estate set up a live remote at the Georgetown College football game at Toyota Stadium.  This was the first time myself or the company had done a live remote.  As a matter of fact on the way ther...
       Once again a near perfect post by who other than Kristal Kraft.   If you missed it please go check it out, it is dealing with the future of the internet in RE.  I started using computers in 3rd grade in 1983 only a couple of years after the first PC was made.  I have seen technology move s...
    Sharon Simms had a very good blog yesterday called Keeping ActiveRain Blogs, I was going to comment on that blog but I knew a lot of people would not read it.  I have noticed a lot of blogs I have wanted to keep also but just haven't taken the time to do it until I read Sharons blog yesterday...
I don't know maybe this is a little crazy but I would probably wear one.  I haven't been a member but a couple of weeks and this may already be available but if it isn't maybe it is something the big guys at AR could work on.  I would wear one and just imagine all the advertising we could do for ...
With several responses to my blog Too Many Passwords!!! yesterday, and if you didn't check it out you should.  I would also like to write about another program that helps me in my daily real estate/computer needs.  It is Picasa     ( ).  Picasa is a very good digital picture ...
After reading the earlier post about hotkeys I thought I would share some software I found about two or three years ago that has really helped me.  When I started with the Internet back in HS in 92, I had one password for my ISP which I think was called Prodigy (I can't even remember for sure).  ...

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