While some may think you just had a bad day and are ranting, this is actually a huge topic of debate in the senate right now as well as with the Housing Finance Committee (who I personally think have no clue about our industry especially on the banking side). The debate is that many on the commit...
 WASHINGTON, DC, an amendment put forth by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar to the Wall Street reform bill passed the Senate by a vote of 63-36.  The amendment will protect homeowners by prohibiting mortgage lenders and loan originators from receiving hidden payment...
The new NMLS system is supposed to standardize the mortgage licensing process into a National Registry and database system. While we all agree that financial reform is a much needed thing, sometimes the implementation of these things can cause much controversy. For industry professionals who have...
Under fire to do more to stop the foreclosure crisis, the Obama administration announced new mortgage modification steps on Friday to help the unemployed and those who are "underwater" with a bigger loan than their home is worth. For eligible unemployed borrowers, the effort would require loan se...
Clearly, our regulators are so far removed with regard to being out of touch with the market that it is almost comical now. I have been in the Mortgage Banking industry for a little less than 15 years, with the all the new changes, regulations and such it is painfully obvious that all our regulat...
I hate to be the type to rant and rage but I feel I have to get something off of my chest here, Recently I have had to explain to an agent why it is that the closing will be delayed, and tried to educate that agent regarding all the new RESPA changes that have taken effect as of January 1st 2010....
OK so I am pretty new here, but I will do my best and see where this takes me. As a disclaimer I have to tell you all that I am no expert in grammatical syntax, nor am I great at editorials and proof reading. With that said, lets dive right in and talk about the train wreck we all know as Loan Mo...

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