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This is for all of you who were wishing you could have been at the beach today. We miss you down here. Make it through this week and then come down and see us. Holden Beach, NC. Wednesday, August 6, 2008 Fun In The Sun Soakin Up The Sun In Holden Beach, NC By Steve SherronView in HD  Download 720...
Time is one of our most valuable assets. As life and business rolls on, for me, most days end and I feel I needed a couple more hours. I spend a lot of time working on potential leads and clients. With my business, a certain part of it deals with internet leads and calls to the office on duty day...
This is a quick story of my own "Extreme Makeover". I had eyelid surgery this past Thursday. I know this may not be a front and center topic for a real estate blog. There may be those out there who are going through what I have gone through and would be interested, so I thought I would post abou...
I finally did it. I got a Blackberry from Alltel. They say it's a smart phone. I'm not sure how smart it is yet, but I love gadgets. I knew the day would come sooner or later and I was always hoping sooner. If you don't have a phone that will make coffee nowadays you are either falling way behind...
The old Long Beach Pier that stood on Oak Island, NC may be long gone but not forgotten. Once, the longest pier in the state of NC, it served many and I fished on it myself many times in my lifetime. We are preserving a piece of this coastal NC history at Brunswick Landing in Holden Beach, NC. Ov...

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