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Credit Secrets REVEALED Do you have a client wanting to buy a home but can't get financing due to their "Almost Eligible FICO Score" ... nothing is more aggrivating.  This applies to us Realtors as well as all of you Home Loan Consultants. To have a client that's "Almost" at a 720 FICO but just c...
In our professions we're always looking to find something that will benefit our clients and for additional content for our personal websites etc ... I can't tell you how many buyers I've run into lately who just don't qualify for a mortgage ... FICO score requirements for a new home loan have cha...
St. George, America's Fastest Growing City with GREAT Investment Opportunities What one or two things would you do in a new market area (different state) to get noticed and start getting calls for you to list homes?I'm all ears and sure appreciate your feedback!Troy A. Brown of Keller Williams Re...
St. George, America's Fastest Growing City with GREAT Investment OpportunitiesLet me share a brief story and I'm sure there will be several who can share in the frustration - granted it's something that can't be cured but I'd hope we could all incorporate a little more courtesy for the "other guy...

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