The Community Development Agency in Dakota County has $10.9 Million dollars left in their First Time Homebuyer Fund as of 3/25/11.Homebuyers applying for for these funds can also apply for up to $10,000 in down payment assistance, with no monthly payments and no interest charged!Contact me for mo...
I was recently at a Dare 2 Share conference in a suburb of Minneapolis.  (w/Greg Stier) This is the third time I have been at one of these conferences. One of the main points I was really blessed with, and challenged with is the need for me to share the Gospel with others.Anyway - What I was wond...
Here is the question in greater detail.... Is it "honest" or ethical on some level to not pay your mortgage company for "part" of your mortgage? After all, you agreed, in writing to pay a certain amount back, and no where in the mortgage documents did it say you only need to pay us all the money ...

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