The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has been reporting some strong new construction starts, sales and builder demand in October. There are a number of reasons why new construction in most metro area's around the country are seeing continued strong demand. Builders are have a true tai...
Excelsior Christkindlsmarkt is a cherished German tradition with local charm and a festive holiday atmosphere held annually near Lake Minnetonka on Thanksgiving Weekend in Excelsior, MN.In recent years, over 20,000 people have attended this weekend event which is free, open to the public and feat...
 Fall 2019 has been projected as a great time to buy, due to continued low mortgage interest rates which are expected to stay through the end of the year. Fall shoppers tend to save more money as there is often less competition from other buyers. Sellers who missed the summer window have a sense ...
When making large buying or selling decisions it is vitally important that you choose a Realtor that not only has experience and proven results over time, but also puts you at ease "emotionally" and takes their fiduciary (loyal counseling) duties seriously.... Here are some practical tips to help...

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