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Staging a Bathroom: How to Make Buyers Fall in Love With Yours. We all know that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. These two small but very important rooms of any home can become either deal-makers or deal-breakers when it comes to selling your property. Speaking of bathrooms many of us wish to ...
  The humanity has stopped inventing anything cardinally new in many spheres of life. Everything new is a well-forgotten old. Things are just either going out of fashion or coming back. Talking about home decoration and interior design, we've spotted 3 major things that have made a huge comeback....
Staging is not an option for investment properties - it's a must. As a professional home stager in Toronto area I work with private real estate investors, who buy properties, renovate and sell them, aka "flipping". Recently I was contacted by one such investor, who has been doing this kind of bus...
  Light as a decorative element Light is an integral part of any interior decoration. It plays an essential role in creating a beautiful and functional interior. Playing with different sources and forms of light a talented decorator can accentuate specific areas of your home, create a special moo...
Have you ever had a home staging short distance heat? Well I think I had one recently. One real estate agent called me at 8PM on Sunday, left a message full of despair and hope saying that he needs a property staged ASAP. As I tend to help people under all circumstances, I called him back immedia...
  As a professional home stager in Toronto area I often see a lot of mistakes people make trying to prepare their homes for sale. It wouldn't be all that dangerous only if those mistakes didn't lead them to painful outcomes such as homes sitting on the market for too long or price reductions. Whe...
Fall is rich in holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving day are two very popular fall family holidays, that are celebrated in almost every family. It is the most anticipated time of the year, especially for kids, with all this costumes, dressing up and themed decoration. Some families start to plan ...
    Home staging is a rapidly growing industry and those who aim to sell homes fast and for top dollar probably already know about its benefits. Although home staging is mostly associated with furnishing vacant properties and making them feel  like a lived in home, this is just the top of the ice...
Although the warm summer days are still making us happy and relaxed, an inevitable approach of fall can yet be sensed in the air. Chillier than before nights make us think of a colder season ahead of us. But colder doesn't necessarily mean worse. Autumn brings along the whole new color palette, w...
Our Toronto home staging company Studio 74 has been contacted by one of our Realtor partners to help stage a luxury property in Toronto suburbs.  The vacant house had been sitting on the market for 2 months by then without a single offer. After the staging was complete (the owner wanted to stage ...

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