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Just recently I heard Clint Swindall speak in Orlando, FL.  He reminded us that there is plenty of negative press out instead of asking "How are you?" simply say "Tell me something good!" and you COULD just change their day!
Financial struggles, Fear of losing jobs, uncertainty in the economy create many fears, lots of anxiety and many of us become paralyzed - unable to make decisions and move forward with confidence.  These are not fun for any of us.  For every negative thing going on, we can find something positive...
My year-end challenge was to make a list of "WINS" for 2008.  We tend to focus on the negative - instead I choose to focus on the positive!  Give yourself a pat on the back for successes - Celebrate the Little Things!  What were your wins personally and professionally?  Wishing you God's richest ...
This year I have noticed more often that people are not good at responding to calls, emails, invitations and acts of kindness!  Someone inspired me several years ago by replying every time I sent them an email.  It might just say "Thank you", "Good One", "I agree", or "I love you."  It doesn't ne...
What a strange and scary economic climate we find ourselves in!  Well, the truth is that there have been stranger and scarier times!  How do we cope?  First by acknowledging that God is in control - then by looking to the wisdom of those who have gone before us.  People have gone through tough ti...
Every week I counsel with clients who are in a financial crisis - each and every one feels isolated, embarrassed and alone.  I assure you that it is very common today.  Maybe there were bad choices along the way, maybe more money was borrowed when things were tight, maybe the credit cards felt li...
Buyers expect it - Sellers should make it happen!!  If they watch HGTV or look at Pottery Barn catalogs, they expect to buy a home that looks like that!  Smart Sellers are painting their walls that neutral taupe/beige/brown color, putting bowls around and taking the other stuff out!  Give the Buy...
Why hasn't my house sold yet?  Let's see...........Is it priced aggressively?  What shape is it in?  Okay, so we know price and condition are key - when Sellers listen and ACT on professional real estate advice, they have much better odds of their house selling sooner.  Be Realistic about the pri...
So "Why am I blogging?"  To make a difference in your life - to share ideas - to give helpful hints - to embrace internet community - to stay connected! My life purpose is to be a messenger of hope and peace.  It is a beautiful thing when your life purpose and real estate career purpose are one a...

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