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If you are a first time homebuyer or have not purchased a primary residence in 3 yrs, you qualify for the first time buyer tax credit of up to $8,000.     I am licensed in both Kansas and Missouri.  In Missouri it is possible to get the credit in advance and use it as your downpayment and closing...
My office is in Olathe, Kansas.  Now some may wonder where Olathe, Kansas is.  Well it is in the northeast corner of Kansas, near Kansas City.  There are some interesting facts about Olathe many people don't know.  I certainly didn't know some of them until a few days ago. 1.Did you know the firs...
Have you ever noticed how the media loves to "sell" bad news??  Don't listen to it!!   They are always telling us how bad the housing market is....along with everything else!!   What they DON'T tell you is  that the market is NOT the same in all parts of the country!!  Some home prices have defin...
 During a recent home inspection we found the deck, stairs and landing had some issues....major issues.  It looked like the house had been resided and the landing reattached with nails(to the lower edge of the siding only)..or the stairs and landing dropped because there was no support!  The land...
We all like to decorate our homes to suit our personalities, tastes, styles etc., which is at it should be.  We don't like to be told by someone to change our decor.  Part of our job as realtors is to give helpful advice that will get a home sold quickly.  A house may be spotless, but it may need...
 I have found there is a lot of misinformation available for the public on the internet.  That is truly unfortunate. Right now I would like to address one or two items. One thing (actually there were many, many) I found was that we realtors according to this website "list to exist" in order to ma...


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