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The 12 Reasons to Refinance and When they Make Sense!  There are many reasons to refinance your home, but I've seen just about every situation in the last decade. Some reasons are more popular than others and there are pros and cons to every scenario. Take the time to think about your personal si...
Manufactured Home Owners are used to paying more for some reason, but they don’t have to.     Own the Land and Have a Permanent Foundation.   It’s a little pricier up front, but if you take into account the cost of rent and the higher rates offered for the home financing you may find that it’s ac...
APR Frequently Asked Questions. Answered in Layman's Terms. The APR or Annual Percentage Rate on a mortgage transaction raises lots of questions. I'll try to answer these in a user friendly non-technical manner. I'm going to lay these out in layman's terms as much as possible. If you want the leg...
Recently it was pointed out to me that I'm an eternal optimist in most day to day interactions. I always give the benefit of the doubt. I always assume that errors are "mistakes" and "accidents" and that there is no malicious intent and never any intent to deceive. I believe that human beings ar...
THE TIME OF THE 30 YEAR FIXED MORTGAGE MUST END   It was a good run, it provided a roof over many heads and has served us well since the time of the great depression. Like a once great sports star though, it has hung around past its prime and gotten caught in a few scandals. The 30 Year Mortgage...
We recently started financing Manufactured homes and as with anything new there are changes to be made and anxieties to get over. I had heard a few horror stories from other licensed mortgage bankers and was a little hesitant at first to step into this arena. I’m now sure that while there were so...
3 Popular Mortgage Myths Busted!      Obtaining a mortgage can be a tricky thing. Whether buying a home or refinancing the remaining balance, the chances are that we are dealing with your largest financial asset and that can be scary. Don't let that fear blind you into falling for a couple of com...
  Buying a Home is Tricky Business in today’s market. It’s no longer safe to assume that you have enough money to buy a home and will qualify for the payments. When it’s time to start thinking about that big purchase it’s best to do some research and reach out to a Mortgage Professional for advic...
     The lending landscape, like many things, has changed considerably over the last 20 years, 10 years and even the last 5 years. If you haven't been able to keep up maybe it's time to reevaluate the options and make sure you are making the best choices and making the best recommendations. The i...
       Well, that is the question isn't it? Buyers ask me, Realtors ask me, colleagues ask me, my mother just asked me last week, "Is it a good time to lock in my rate or should I wait for something better?". This is both complicated and yet very simple. There are thousands of people over thinkin...

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