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DOW is off to another huge sell off 200 points down...wait correction 250...oops wait yet another correction 314!!! Since Thursday we have dropped almost 1000 points, also if you truly add in the previous weeks sinking, then we are almost around 1800!!   So yet again, another gut wrench for anyon...
Rates have drastically improved, the LOWEST I have ever seen and I am not pitching a sale here   If you know me or anything about me, you will know that I dont brag about rates or talk about interest unless something drastic has happened to change them.   There was a 27 tick change for the better...
With the remaining number of us left, I would say that some of us are having a tough time with obtaining new business, while some of us are abosultely killing it. Either way, whether you are a long time Broker with agents working for you and business slowing down, or your like me someone who is o...
WTF!!! That was my response when I first saw this article on a few weeks ago. You see I have helped a ton of Cisco employees refinance or purchase their first home over the past years and it was shocking to hear that they were going to let go such a large amount of employees.   Then just ...
I was reading an article the other day on the opinion of HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan claiming he doesnt have a "crystal ball" but he sees the market rebounding sooner than within a year or so...Hmmmm Really?!   I was thinking to myself, okay I can see that....NOT. I was really think...

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