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Want to Buy But Don't Know Where to Start?  Home Buying Tips are Here! It’s no secret that now is the critically acclaimed time to be purchasing a home. The good interest rates and rock bottom house prices are being sung by agents everywhere. Bottom line: Buying a home in today's market is a smar...
Home Buying Much Cheaper Than Renting Why Wait to Buy? The current state of the market suggests that most renters should switch to owning their own home. The mortgage is sometimes even cheaper than the monthly rent! Today I’m writing on an article from CNN Money titled “Home Buying Much Cheaper T...
Tips for First-Time Home Buyers With the unique position our housing market is in many buyers who have been previously on the side lines are now jumping into the fray trying to purchase a home. Many of those who have been on the sidelines are first time homebuyers and don’t know where to begin wh...
Housing Market Heating Up This Spring Could be the Best Season! There has been talk cropping up in the media about the housing market picking up speed.  It looks like this Spring could be the best home buying season in years. This article by Morgan Brennan in Forbes magazine tells all.   There ar...
Updating Your Home to Increase its Value What you can do inside a budget Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home for sale, looking for a home to renovate and then rent or if you simply want to increase the value of your home for possible later sale, people all over are looking t...
Foreclosures Unraveling the Myths “Foreclosure” is a word that those keeping track of the market and economy, as well as us Brokers, Agents and Loan Officers have become accustomed to. “Foreclosure” means a lot of different things depending on what viewpoint you’re looking from.  But one thing’s ...
Employment and Housing Market in the Bay Area on the Up! What it says about the market of the future  While I’m always on the look-out for news about today’s market conditions, I’m specifically interested in areas surrounding Sonoma County where I certify “affordable, turn-key, move-in-ready” hom...
     Buying versus renting is a debate for many and earlier on renting was a better bet when it came to determining monthly costs, care and cost of family and especially one’s credit score. However, now buying is winning in majority of the debates.      It’s a good season for home re-sales due to...
In one of my recent blogs I spoke of foreclosures declining and how this was a blessing for some and for others the lack of homes for sales inventory was a hardship….looks like there’s about to be a “vice versa” on these standings:   This article gives some specifics as to why an increase in fore...
Pride of Ownership How to attain it I know many people have been discouraged by the past several years we’ve had in the market, but the truth is that the American Dream is still to own your own home. Having Pride of Ownership is still a prized goal in this country.  Sure there will be a couple ot...

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