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  The other day Existing Home Sales were up over 7%. That is great news. But as I mentioned earlier in the week, the "recovery" is not impacting every segment in the same way, and wouldn't you agree, most of the housing price boom has been in the lower-priced home market. For example, sales of ho...
  My father used to say, "It's OK to kiss a nun, but don't get into the habit." Speaking of habits, the bond market has become accustomed to the Fed buying mortgages. What if they stopped? Federal Reserve President Lacker suggested the Fed might not need to spend the full amount it pledged ($1.25...
Capitalism is a wild and wacky game. And it's not for those with weak guts, which brings me to the case of IndyMac whose long awaited sale was announced by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Friday afternoon. The new "owners" of IndyMac are essentially a bunch of hedge funds that are well known ...
but a flight to quality in US Treasuries. Unfortunately mortgage rates didn't tag along for the ride, and buyers backed off their prices during the day. On today's economic agenda, October's composite home price index is expected to decline -17.9%, a new record low, due to the inventory of homes ...
I saw the rates as low as 4.5% @ .5 points cost last week for 1 hour. If you don't position yourself with a fully approved package, you will get passed by and end up locking a higher rate. Buy the time borrowers decide to apply for lower rates the market bumps up to 5% or higher. The smart money...
We finance 110% of the purchase price on foreclosures.  This loan includes: The down payment, Appraiser-required repairs costs up to $5,000 without an inspector, the balance of 110% covers ALL closing costs and pre-paid expenses. You need to bring in $100 to escrow.    Did I read that right? Yes ...


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