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\The prettiest season in DC kicks off. #peakbloom #cherryblossoms #dccherryblossoms #blossomsinthedistrict #dc #washingtondc 
When mortgage rates rise, you don't get more house, you just pay more for the house you could have had last week for less. 
 Buyers: We don't have to tell you what that means for your buying power & payment. Sellers: This affects you, too. Rising rates means fewer buyers can afford your home & increases the number who will include financing and appraisal contingencies in offers. Now is the time. We are the team. 
And that's really going to work out for you.  The more you know about DC real estate, the better equipped you are to make smart choices. Whether you're buying or selling, one of the biggest transactions of your life shouldn't be like throwing 🎯 @ 🎈🎈🎈!  realestateinthedistrict.comLet us help you ...
There's a brief moment in time before the spring #dcrealestate market catches 🔥, before you're🔒ed in competition with other buyers and sellers, before rates 🚀 again, before prices 📈 again....And this is it. #RecognizeOpportunity Now is the time | We are the team.
  Sellers, let's talk about inventory & supply chain conditions and how they affect presentation of your home & pricing. This varies by type of home, location & other factors. Buyers, we'll walk you through the potential of listings that need some updating , approximate costs, & supply you with t...
WHAT NEW HOME SALES REPS AREN'T TELLING YOU Some new home sales & marketing companies seem to have a policy of overpromising and underdelivering when it comes to delivery dates. They quote unrealistic delivery projections to boost sales, leading to fallout when buyers are stretched to the limit ...
HOW TO WIN AGAINST CASH OFFERS IN DC The real estate market in Washington DC is a fast-paced, cash-driven seller’s market with perpetually low inventory. How do you compete? Be Solutions Driven One solution to winning against cash offers in the District is to throw an insane amount of money at i...
Spring is officially a week away, but the DC real estate market is already fired up! What are you waiting for? Whether you're buying or selling, we can help you make the most of the market! Buyers: Inventory is very tight. Work with us to access listings you won't see online. Your goal is our goa...

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