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Just my view of real estate in Chester County, the surrounding areas, the market and my latest listings.
It's kind of fitting since today is World Cat Day, that today's word is cat.  I have always had at least one cat.  I've always admired their gracefulness, their independence, and their beauty.  As a child, I often said that I wanted to come back as a well-loved cat.  Right now, I have two lovely ...
Last weekend, I decided to take a drive up to Elverson to see the sunflower fields that I have heard so much about.  The story goes that the car wash up that way, Please Wash Me Car Wash, was having some visibility problems when someone planted a cornfield nearby blocking the view of the car wash...
If you want to smile and feel good today, be sure to go over to Twitter and look at all the photos on Take Your Dog to Work Day!!  It's sure to turn your frown upside down.Here's the link:'s a photo of my little fella.Don't let that sad face fool you.  He's a ...
I recently presented an offer to a listing agent that was below the seller's asking price.  It was a good offer, based on recent sales and even in this brutal seller's market, it was a fair offer.  The seller countered, we countered back and in my comments to the buyer's agent, I said this is a f...
Yes, I know.  Today's word is actually two words.  Outdoor Living.  We are entering my absolute favorite time of year.  It's also the most labor intensive, making my outside space livable after a long dreary winter. I have been busy mulching, weeding, edging, getting the pool ready and it is star...
If I was to tear out every page of every book I've ever bought and haven't read on how to declutter and simplify, I could wallpaper a room.  Seriously.  My quest for a simple life is never-ending.  It's getting better but it really is true that less is more.  Less clutter and knick-knacks makes d...
The three things that sell real estate are often said to be Location, Location, and Location.  Depending on the market condition, whether it's a buyer or seller's market, price plays a big part in the equation.  When it's a seller's market like we are currently experiencing, sellers are pretty mu...
There are a lot of properties with large acreage in the Chester County area  Most of these properties are more rural than suburban.  I have a great listing that's in a suburban development but it's also on 3 acres! This is actually rarer than you might imagine.  Many years ago, buyers wanted a ne...
How often have you heard the quote from Will Rogers that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression?   Lots, I'm guessing.  It's a hard lesson to learn as a young person, (particularly now in the age of social media).  Young teens sometimes say and do things that perhaps they will ...
I am blessed with so many wonderful women in my life that if I tried to name all of them this post would never end.I can't let the day go by without honoring my mom, who was my fiercest and most loyal fan and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I could see her, call her, hug her, lau...

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