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John Lennon is the person I believe wrote in a song that life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.  It's so true.  Growing up, all we wanted to do was grow up, be a grown up and not have to listen to other people telling us what to do.  Being a grown up is all about following ...
I was leaving the local grocery story parking lot yesterday and a pretty young woman was in the crosswalk carrying a baby, about 1 year old.  I smiled and waved her through and I noticed that every person she passed smiled at her and the baby.  It was one of those pretty sunny days and seeing a y...
Honestly, I don''t think there is anything prettier than nature in Chester County in the spring.  I was in Wayne yesteday, showing homes and the colors were glorious.Here's hoping you find the beauty today.  And every day.Happy Sunday!!
I'm slipping this is under the wire...Today... 4/20/17 is my little blond haired boy's 9th birthday! Yes, JJ came to us for Max's 12th birthday and he is 9 today.  He's my first dog and if truth be told, he's the nicest person I've ever met.  This year my baby, Max, will turn 21 and Mike 28.  How...
It's raining, it's pouring....If April showers bring May flowers, we are in for a bountiful May if today is any indication.I have a friend who loves the rain and on days like today, I think of him.  It's the only bright spot on the horizon!  But he is one of those people that is happy all of the ...
I don't think we need much more to be thankful for now that Spring is here but I thought I'd sit down and share a few things that are making me happy today.I found out my college boy Max is coming home for a short visit on Saturday.  This is always a thing to look forward to.  Pretty soon he'll b...
Homes for Sale in the West Chester BoroughWhy Do People Live here?West Chester Borough is a very cool college town and also the county seat of Chester County.  There is a thriving restaurant and shopping community, a wonderful hotel, a theater, and many small town events, i.e., Old  Fashioned Chr...
I was just reading a neat article in the Chester County Press about thankfulness.  You can click here to read it too.  The headline is The Power of 'Thank You' and it started with one woman's wish to adopt an attitude of thankfulness.I think it's obvious that a thankful heart will always be a hap...
Last week I took this photo  in my garden in short sleeves.  It was about 70 degrees. March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb but someone forgot to remind Mother Nature because it is faaarrreeeeeezing in West Chester today. And, these lovely flowers are covered with snow. ...
In the old days, before cell phones automatically changed the time for us, it was customary for real estate agents to reach out to their client base and remind them to "Spring Forward" or "Fall Back" and to change the batteries in their smoke detectors.  With all of the new technology we have tod...

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