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Photo by rutlo   Do you have a house in your neighborhood that’s an eyesore? It can be unsightly and upsetting when a home in a neighborhood isn’t being maintained like the others. It might be an overgrown yard, a fence in need of repair, paint peeling on the home or even a car parked in front o...
Every once in a while my husband feels the need to 'slay a dragon'. Last year that meant all guys, all motorcycles, lots of sun, lots of dirt: adventure Colorado style. It started out a bit rocky as my dear husband actually forgot his helmet at home. Fortunately, the group of 'dudes' had not been...
We were without the boys this summer of 2011. We had sent our 12 and 16 year old to Germany to be with their German family and get to know the country as well as the language. No boys? Strange. All of a sudden our family was so much smaller. We enjoyed some special time with our daughter Anna.  W...
In July we took off a few days to explore Colorado a little more. Among other things it took us to to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and then to Ouray. I was excited as I had heard so much about it - hence i was really curious. At the entrance of town we stopped at the tourist information cente...
Photo by Chuck Schneider You are ready to move: You might be coming to Colorado Springsor maybe you are moving within the city limits. All seems done, all seems prepared. Here is a list of things that folks tend to leave behind or forget to do when they move: Often forgotten: It's obvious that Fi...
We had the son of a friend living in Germany with us here in Colorado to visit for 2 weeks. We didn't get to go camping last weekend so we wanted to make sure that we went to our favorite spot this weekend: Tarryall.I am a little sad to see that the days have gotten a bit chillier. This also mean...
So you didn't make it to the Grand Canyon this year, how about something closer to home but still impressive? Take the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The canyon located between Gunnison and Montrose and is in total 48 miles long and about 9 miles wide. Of those 48 miles 14 miles are protected as a...
Until recently not many Colorado Springs citizens believed that they will  EVER be affected by a wildfire in the city. This year, we were all proven wrong by the Waldos Canyon Wildfire at the end of June. Citizens all over Colorado Springs for example know now how  to create defensible spaces aro...
Latest when you move you'll have to take a closer look at your communications providers. These days there are plenty of options depending of what you want. Are you sick and tired of the cost for a home phone? Then you might decide to go with MagicJack or just simply with your smart phone. Maybe y...
Don't know what to do in the coming days? Take a look at these Colorado Springs Events! August 22nd: 8:30 AM Red Rock Canyon Guided Hikes 9:00 AM SCAMP advances art alley with ... USA Procycling: Cruiser Joy Ride with Upadowna, All rides start at 6:00 PM at America the Beautiful Park and end at a...

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