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If you are thinking of buying a condominium, it might sound attractive to seek a commmunity without the politics of a HOA, but you should be aware that you might not be able to obtain FHA financing if there is no governing body to enforce the CC&Rs. Be sure to ask your REALTOR® to confirm that yo...
Today I had a great opportunity to meet in person with a couple of my Active Rain/facebook buddies. Jon and I are in Tucson, Arizona to visit with our newest grandson, Jake, who is adorable by the way (photo to follow in a later post). Jesse Clifton, in his cross-country travels has been in Tucso...
A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post explaining the difference between a buyer who is pre-approved and one who is merely pre-qualified, and why a buyer should get pre-approved before house hunting. Another extremely important issue can affect whether or not the buyer will be able to close the...
Sacramento Area Buyers: Are you pre-approved or merely pre-qualified? There is a difference, and your offer to purchase the home you want might depend on what the letter from your lender says. Before I take my buyer clients out to look at homes, I ask them to visit a lender (preferably someone in...
  Merry Christmas from the fake hand signing guy!  
Christmas Eve at home is unusual for me.  I hear from most folks that the real estate business is very slow during the holiday season, but that has never been true for me.  Usually my Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and even New Years Day I have been showing properties, trying to get last minute pa...
Six years ago I wrote a post here entitled "Honest feedback is needed to help sell problem homes" and this is as true in 2013-2014 as it was in 2007. After I have taken buyers to several homes, I often get a call from listing agents who ask for feedback. I will never be mean or nasty, but my feed...
Should you be selling your home during the holiday season? Now that the holiday season is upon us, many potential sellers may feel that they should wait until after the first of the year to sell.  There seems to be a popular belief that no one wants to buy a house in November or December. Nothing...
  Yes, we do have million dollar homes for sale in Fair Oaks California. I have heard from several people that who wonder why I always highlight homes priced between $200,000 and $350,000 in my articles on market trends in the area, especially since Fair Oaks California is known as an upscale are...
This year my daughter Cathy and I took a trip that we had been planning for 2 years.  Of course, who knew that I would break my back and have to relearn how to walk before we left.  Getting back in shape for the already planned trip was great incentive, however. Where did we go?  Cathy lives in T...

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