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Many people are having problems with their mortgages and because of this several companies have opened their doors to be "foreclosure rescue" companies. Buyer beware because some of them are scams. They charge fees and don't deliver. If you are thinking of using these companies, be very careful. ...
Now that I am addicted to golf, I had to find a place to practice after the snow started falling. I found Creekside Golf in Girard. It is a domed area that I can hit the ball 80 yards to the back wall. It also has a bullseye for hitting the ball up in the air. So far I have been practicing with m...
1.Buyers want to save the commission when dealing with a FSBO. They think since you are selling yourself they can knock of the commission you would have paid to a realtor off the price. Be prepared to sell your home for under fair market value. 2. The more buyers that have access to your home, th...
In today's buyers market you can sell "smart" and feel good about your sale. Here are four tips to selling "smart". First - "Stage Your Home to Sell". I help all my seller's "stage their homes to sell" for free. You may also pay a staging professional to stage your home. This is not the same as d...
Home values have decreaseded all across the US. Yet our property taxes have stayed the same in many areas. You can dispute your home's assessment with the county. Call the county or visit their website and see if they have a form you can fill out. Check to see what your home is assessed for. If i...

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