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Real estate is our heart and soul, the essence of what we do. We never forget that behind every transaction is a human being with goals and needs. We are here to be the best resource we can be, and support our clientele with compassion, knowledge, and patience.
Some Highlights The percentage of income needed to afford a median-priced home today is declining, while that for renting is on the rise. This is making buying a home an increasingly attractive option for many people, especially with low mortgage rates driving purchasing power. Let’s connect if y...
Home values keep rising, and we are firmly planted in the midst of a seller's market here in Jacksonville FL.COVID has had NO negative effect on the selling prices of homes in the Jacksonville Metro area.In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Low inventory and high demand (due to historically low inte...
Jacksonville Florida is a great place to live for so many reasons, but I love that we truly get all 4 seasons, unlike other areas of Florida, or even South Texas (where I lived for 7 years).  Fortunately for us, though, the winter season is blissfully short and typically mild.  Unfortunately, Feb...
 Today, Day 4 of Black History Month, I'm building on the history of Day 2, where we learned about Eliza Ann Grier, the first black woman physician in the state of Georgia.  Today, please meet Susan McKinney Steward, the third African American woman to earn a medical degree, and the first in the ...
Small deviation today in recognition of Superbowl Sunday:  I'm still going to highlight the career of an African American woman today, but this particular woman is not in the STEM field.  Meet Collette Smith, the first African American woman to coach an NFL team, and only the third women to coach...
In honor of Black History Month, every day this month I am going to highlight one African American woman who broke down barriers in a STEM field.February 2, 2019:  Eliza Ann Grier, Physician This is Eliza Ann Grier, born in 1864 in North Carolina into slavery.  Mecklenburg, North Carolina delayed...
In honor of Black History Month, every day this month I am going to highlight one African American woman who broke down barriers in a STEM field.February 1, 2019:  Bessie Coleman, AviatorThis is Bessie Coleman, born in 1892 in Texas to sharecroppers, Bessie was of both African American and Native...
 In the last couple of years, banks and mortgage brokers have loosened the grip on mortgage qualifications.  I partner with lenders who will now offer a mortgage to someone with a credit score as low as 500, folks who are self-employed, or those with a past credit history that was bruised and bro...
As a Homes for Heroes® Affiliate, I’m often asked: “What is it?” or “Is it only for military?”  And I usually get these questions AFTER someone has bought or sold a home, and missed out on this great savings program!  So, if you are in the housing market to buy or sell a home, make sure YOU don’t...

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