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Christmas 2013 - Sock Dayon Throw Back Thursday! We have a tradition in our family that we give each other crazy socks for Christmas.   There are those in our family who can't financially afford much in way of getting gifts; especially the children and teenagers. So we have made it easy. We start...
Good Grief! It is a good thing I have two good working legs, arms, and hands! I think I am working harder then when I had a regular day job! There is literally no time to stop and think about what I have to, or need to do. Due to all the interruptions I have to write all to-do's down right away o...
Sunday - Thank You Lord  I just felt compelled to say Thank You Lord. Thank you for: The Ten Commandments (because I need simple clarification) For placing yourself on the cross For the Good Book My health and letting me wake up one more day. For my family and friends  For understanding me and lo...
Us Way Back When.... On Throw Back Thursday! I love looking at this picture of my family when I was about 13 years old. My dad (now deceased) and my mom look so young. Heck I look even older now then they did in this picture. I had such a wonderful childhood. My teen age years (while some parts w...
Sangria Wine From The Fruit of the Vine I read a great article by The Cork Guy, “Under the Spanish Influence” which included how to make Sangria wine. While there are many variations on how to make Sangria Wine below is the recipe on how to make Sangria Tinto. I am going to make it today for dinn...
Active Rain Listings - Is This Home Still Available?Throw Back Thursdays! Today I received another request on the status of a listed home through Active Rain. I had listed this home years ago and it had sold shortly after posting on AR.  This just goes to show us that people are reading what we p...
I Found It! I have finally found the desk that I have been looking for to place in my office. I have searched everywhere and I just could not find the right desk to place there. While thumbing through Face Book on Saturday I saw a post by a friend of mine who has a high end consignment store. Lin...
Houston Downtown Art Throw Back ThursdaysI have been posting pictures of all the different types of art that down town Houston has to offer. There is art in the way some of the fountains are designed to please the eye. A few months ago I took this photo along with others and I have not had a chan...
Selling Your Home?Time to De-Gutter Your Home  Yard appeal is so important when selling your home. Your yard will entice home buyers to WANT to come into your home to see if it is as beautiful as it is on the outside.  Buyers will look at your yard and that will be their mental measure of how wel...
Gross Pay Must Equal 3 Times the Monthly RentEarly Morning Coffee Thoughts   In the past it was easier to lease a home. A client would complete and submit an application. A credit check would be processed and if approved the client would be offered a lease contract to lease the home. These days i...

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