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I know I will be one of many out there snapping away furiously this weekend amassing a huge collection of photos to upload to - urged on by the Rain Gods and their promise of a shower of points for the posting of photos.It doesn't take a fortune to get a great digital cam...
In an earlier post about points I encouraged all of you to focus on the activities that the Rain Gods encourage of us by awarding points.Does it it take time and effort.  Sure - you might spend more time on Active Rain commenting or even writing a blog post, and less time browsing through the onl...
OK - another shameless blog about points on Active Rain.  However - I can't stress enough - to all of you - that Active Rain has been a phenomenal success.  And if you agree with that, then you should have faith that the new consumer site - - is going to follow in the footsteps o...
How many of you have taken a listing, marketed the property, secured a contract, only to find out that the Sellers are "Upside Down" and cannot close without bringing money to the closing table, or getting lender approval for a "short sale", or were unaware of a prepayment penalty that puts them ...
Jonathan Dalton inspired this post by his post yesterday about the Forest and the Trees. One of the things we learned quickly in real estate was to do everything possible to avoid - preclude - prevent - whatever your favorite word is - BAD surprises during the course of a transaction. Since we we...
Have you ever been faced with a situation where you need to meet a client or prospect in the office - but your office is miles away?  We've found a solution to this occasional challenge.  We call it "instant office".  Imagine being able to walk into and use a professionally staffed office - any t...
I have very few "pet peeves" - but I'm going to rant about one of them - and see if any of you out there find this widespread "habit" as irritating as I do!When we are dining out - which we do fairly frequently as we tour the Greater Phoenix area - nine times out of ten the server will pounce on ...
I know there is a lot of moaning and groaning about consumer access to listings on the Internet - however - the MLS is more than just a place to post a listing.Make full use of the potential of your MLS.Run reports by city or zip code or price point to see how the market is behaving in specific a...
OK - Here is my meme!Thanks again to my wonderful husband Tony for tagging me for this meme!What 5 Things You Don't Know About Me!Of all the continents on the planet, the only one I have not visited is Antarctica.  It's not on my list anytime soon!I once rode a camel in Lanzarote in the Canary Is...
I've noticed that again the number of Featured Posts appears to be dwindling - even as the membership on Active Rain is growing.  Is this due to posts being made within groups but not the community in general - or is it due to a real drop in posting activity/I like to read the featured posts sinc...

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Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Blog, presented by Suzanne Marriott of Haven Express @ Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Market analysis and insightful commentary on the real estate market in Maricopa County Arizona.