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Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. This was aired on the ABC News Channel, the National Geographic Channel and YouTube. So many hearts are touched by the bond between these two animals. As hard as it is to believe, these two species get along better than most of us do with our neighbors....
How grateful are any of us when someone recognizes our work and says, thank you in appreciation. The next time you pass a serviceman or servicewoman, remember to give them the sign.  Thanking Our Troops...Give Them The Sign I live in an area with a high military population and that's fine with me...
Happy Father's Day to all the men lucky enough to be called Daddy by someone.
Half way through this video there is a clip from an Obama campaign speech where Barack accuses the Bush Administration of exhibiting "half measures" during the Katrina Disaster. I believe the hen has come home to roost.
Darby Road in Haverford Township to be closed for paving Darby Road between College Avenue and Ardmore Road in Haverford Township will be closed for paving beginning Wednesday, June 23. The work is expected to be completed by September 1. During the work, Darby Road through traffic will be detour...
First Time Buyers who have a signed agreement of sale dated by April 30, 2010 and are to settle by June 30th just got that deadline extended by three months; voted yesterday by the Senate 60-37. This extension applies only to buyers who were under contract by April 30th. Senator Harry Reid (D-Ne...
When you're copying a check or bank statement think of this video. Do you remember the last thing you had copied, either for yourself or someone else?  You probably do.  It could have been someone's driver's license for your client file, a HUD statement, an earnest money check, tax returns for a...
Your buyers can't get approved for a mortgage? Annoyances like paperwork and financing didn't stop these people who also borrowed the plot from a cable TV show. Walked in the front door, unpacked and called it home. Anyone familiar with squatters rights in Washington state?
Today is June 14th, Flag Day.
Tomorrow (June 10th) the Senate will vote on a resolution, crafted by Big Oil lobbyists, that will make it easier for polluters to get around EPA regulations -- even while oil continues to gush into the Gulf from the BP disaster.Call your senators today and tell them to vote against efforts to we...

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