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PennDOT is doing emergency road work on Manoa Road and traffic will be detoured between West Chester Pike and Darby Road. A failure in the storm drain system has caused the road to become unstable and PennDOT is currently working to backfill and repair the road. Manoa Road will be closed between...
Take a 3 minute break from your Saturday afternoon to watch a well done home video demonstrating proper Texting While Walking Etiquette by Casey Neistat. He uses actors, music, floating arrows and the traffic of New York to make his public service announcement. It's entertaining and presents the...
The Philadelphia Business Journal is offering a chance for Pennsylvanians to give our relatively new govenor a grade. Yes just like in grade school, you can rate his gubernatorial performance from A to F. When Tom Corbett took office his platform stood on job creation, economic development in an ...
I'm a glass half full sort of person. I'm a realistically optimistic personality type so my statement is not a doom and gloom retort on the fall of the American empire. I just don't see how lower interest rates are helping our economy if the government is also putting a strangle hold on the throa...
Peg has some good solid advice on small spaces with outstanding pictures to go with them. We are such a visual society and she knows it.The Flufftastic Fairy Says: Make the Most of Your Small Space - the Living RoomWe live in a small house, just over 1000 sq feet. It was built in the '40's and ha...
Andy Rooney wrote that there was only one reason a house doesn't sell...the price. Alan May has delved deeper into the issue and has delivered 8 reasons that make alot of real estate sense with his wonderful wit throw into the mix.Karl Hess was good enough to remind me that it's been more than a ...

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