Every day is a good day, even if you can’t see it.

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Education and Training in the Rain here in the Delaware Valley and beyond.



  June 21 - 29th celebrate the beginning of summer by wheeling to the Haverford Township Free Library. Show the person at the checkout counter your bike helmet anytime during the week, and get a free DVD rental. While you're there, sign up for a chance to win a Townie Basket. Saturday, June 29th...
As a marketing push to promote a new television series on Spike TV, the Frankenfood Truck will be handing out unique and out-of-this-world food combinations to hungry Brotherly Lovers! The truck will be cruising our area until the end of this week. Stop and sample some Fruity Pebbles Chicken; chi...
I was raised by a young Mom and a Step-Dad. He was the one who taught me to dance by standing on his feet. He taught me how to play a harmonica, how to polish men's dress shoes and polish a car. I miss him.   I pray for a special blessing on all the Step-Fathers out here. It's a hard enough job t...

Suzanne Strickler

School is never out for the Successful.
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