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I live in an area that has been USDA RD eligible in the past, and as of right now, it still is.  But we are on the edge and have been since the 2010 census.  Each time the federal government threatens to actually get something done or a continuing resolution gets close to reaching the end of it's...
Is there a book somewhere on text etiquette?  There are a lot things that I just don't get and was wondering about.  For some reason, people think that I should recognize their phone number or know what they are talking about when they text message me. When I send a letter or an email, I sign my ...
I hear "I hate open houses" all the time from both sellers and other real estate agents.  Their reasons?  No real buyers ever show up; No one ever bought a house because of an open house; I have to leave my house for 2 or 3 hours for nothing; everyone who comes through is already represented by a...
Being a fiduciary is sometimes more difficult than at other times.  Telling a buyer or seller what the comparable sales in a neighborhood look like, advising a seller on the improvements that will net them the most money, recommending contractors and holding those contractors accountable are all ...
Ok, so I am confused, and will readily admit it.  I am sure it is because there is a lack of readily available information about this particular topic.  Manufactured homes, unless they are on permanent foundations, are considered personal property where I live.  As such, they are, in the state of...
  Why, Why, Why would an agent not insist that their buyer do a walk-through of a property right before they close?  And if the buyer won't, why wouldn't the agent do the walk-through themselves?  I can think of few things that irritate me more than getting the call that something is wrong with t...
We all want a "deal"!  That is why Black Friday sales are so well attended! I do not venture out on Black Friday, unless I have a box seat in the security booth to watch the mayhem.  I do not have the personality to deal with the rude and frantic behavior of those shoppers.  I know this about mys...
If it smells, it won't sell!  These are words that I heard in the first few months of having my real estate license.  This is not exactly true. I have an investor who tells me if it doesn't smell, he doesn't want to see it.  More accurately, the phrase should go, "If it smells, it won't sell for ...
My dogs are the absolute joys of my life, and one of the most time consuming of all my family activities. Jessie, Nipper, Colt and Leroy all have extremely different personalities, and would cause very different challenges in selling a home.  If you are thinking about selling your home so you can...

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