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Lately I have been getting lots of calls about moisture issues. Everybody seems to have different issues and they all want to know how to handle them. The funny thing is most of the people are more worried about repairing the damage than actually fixing the problem. Lets face it there are severa...
You read that right. Its all over the web that the FHA has waived the 90 rule they recently implmented, however when they made the waiver, they threw in a few items to make sure they didn't finance a big pile of rubble.   One of those provisions is that if the home sells for 20% more than the sel...
I recently read the blog "Do All People Suck?" and it got me thinking, what separates you from the others in your industry? Some people teach others, some people are great with communication, some take continuing education classes that they can actually benefit from, however there are way too man...
Certified, What does that word really mean anymore? Websters says it is 1 : having earned certification 2: Genuine, Authentic.   “Well I believe my inspector is genuine, they seem authentic.” The question is who says they are certified? Did they take a quick online test and send a check. Did they...
  One of the things I see frequently is homes that look clean and nice but they have not been properly maintained. Maintenance is important for several reasons but the biggest reason is it saves you money. Something as simple as changing an air filter in you air conditioning or heating system on ...
Your new home has cracks in the walls, the roof leaks and the doors and windows don't close. You call the builder and they rush out only to look at the property and say, "Well your landscaping caused the problem.  We will fix the cracks even though we don't have too because we pride ourselves on ...
I recently had a real estate agent ask me if infrared was a good thing and should she recommend it to her clients, my answer was a definite maybe, here is why. Every few years a new trend comes along that affects the home industry. These trends include mold, lead, radon, asbestos, moisture meters...
You bought a new home, ordered your options and moved in. A year or two go by and you start rearranging the furniture. That's when you noticed the odor. You lifted the protective mat under your desk chair and the smell made your eyes water or maybe you smelled it when you opened a closet door or ...

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