The Real Estate Market in Jan/Feb 2021 The next 2 months is going to be crazy around the United States of American in most major cities when it comes to Real Estate.There will be many home owners that will be in a hurry to sell their homes and many people getting close to retirement wanting to bu...
 "HAPPY NEW YEAR" 2021 I know many of you are thinking by the title of this post how could we possibly have a Happy New Year with all the stuff that's going on around the world!Well I am here to say there are some very exciting events coming in the beginning of 2021. Then through out the year 202...
 NEW YEAR 2021 is around the corner We have a New Year coming around the corner, and I am ready to turn the page on 2020.2020 has been a callenging year for many people, so I say out witht the old and in with the new, and please be safe! 
Squirreling your money away for Real Estate Investments With the Real Estate Market getting ready to swing down in 2021 how many of you have squirreled away money for Real Estate Investments?If you haven't you still have time!Interest rates are going to rise in 2021 along with a decline in home v...
  HUGE Tech Companies going down the toilet 12/12/2020 With all the Politics, Fake News and controlling from within HUGE Tech Companies have law suits coming in from all over the world. Sure these Tech companies have plenty of money to pay off these law suits, but it doesn't look good for them.I ...
What Goes Up Must Come Down ... 2020Well the Real Estate Market surprising inclined during the month of November with the pandemic and election. The low interest rates play a huge factor along with people retiring and either buying a second home or investment homes.Into December now we will start...
For anyone that's worried about having to stay in their homes because the governor of the state where you live has ordered it, don't worry.In California the governor continues to scar residents of California within the news, etc. It's all bull crap!No governor or mayor of any state within the Uni...
With all the craziness that's be going on around the world in 2020, I would like to wish all my friends Happy Holidays.When you have a free moment or quite time which so many of us have around the holidays, take a deep breath and remember everything will be OK.If you can't be with certain family ...
 Now everyone in the Real Estate Market knows we are long overdue for yet another huge decline in the RE Market.With the Presidential Election almost over it is a sure shot that when the Democrat's take over approx 1-2 years into their term that the market will take a crap.That is why I have been...

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