The Water Festival New Year celebration in Myanmar Burma started yesterday and lasts for one week. Most stores and businesses are closed down for 5 days so the Burmese can celebrate with water, food, music and so much more. I have had the privilege of attending Water Festival in Myanmar 2 diff...
This is a wonderful post by Myrl and I totally agree and congratulate her the AR Feature. It is very important to not mix personal information, etc with business and can sometimes interfere with future clients and sharing information with clients etc on social networks can get you in hot water.  ...
Now would be a good time to change pass words on your email accounts ...   It's been quite a while since I have changed my pass words to my email accounts and with all the important information within my email accounts, I did recently change them. I dropped or quit using my Yahoo email accounts m...
Most homes across the nation are way over priced I have been watching what homes are listed for and selling for across the nation in many major states, cities and towns for 5-10 years now and they are way overpriced.There are still some areas where the price is reasonable but many areas in Califo...
 Dried Google Juice by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Well with all this bad news about FaceBook, Google and other networks sharing our private information on our accounts, Vegas Bob is stepping back some.  Vegas Bob recently deleted 2 of his FaceBook accounts and is not really sure what he's going to do...
 I Can Only Imagine Story is Amazing by Robert SwetzAll I can say about this new movie & story is WOWI give it a A+ and if you go to see this great new moving moving please make sure to bring tissues for drying your tears. I have left you a movie clip above to watch and another video of Bart Mill...
I deleted one of my FaceBook accounts today and there may be more ...Late last evening and into this morning I started to unfriend family and friends at one of my FaceBook accounts.The FaceBook a account that I just deleted was opened up in March of 2008 so it took me around 2+ hours to delete ev...
When I came across this photo of a man holding this sign all I could say was WOW ...Makes Sense 
Pfeiffer State Park Big Sur California by Robert SwetzHere are several photographs of Big Sur California that I have taken over the years with a new fresh video of Pfeiffer State Park with the water fall and beach.For anyone that has never been to Big Sur California all I can tell you is get you ...
Purchasing Real Estate in Alaska by Robert SwetzMy first visit to Alaska was back in 2001 and I have been living and traveling back and forth to Alaska from the Lower 48 for around 4 years now.I have traveled all over the USA and other parts of the world and I have yet to find a place as quiet an...

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