Another beautiful day in Alaska ...The clouds are clearing up now and it's going to be a beautiful sunny day at "The Last Frontier" ;o)Have a wonderful day in the Lower 48 ...
 My wife Lin is a gourmet cook as cooks many different dishes, from American dishes to Burmese, Chinese, Filipino and more.Here is a wonderful Halibut dish she cooked last evening with fresh halibut, fresh baby potatoes, carrots and onions grown in our garden in Alaska.This afternoon we will be e...
When we think of Fall Colors most of us assume the different colored leaves, yellows, oranges, reds and browns. But in Alaska and other parts of the world there are so many other plants that change color during the Fall months.Take a close look at this photo from Hatcher Pass Alaska that I took. ...
I flew out of the San Francisco airport 2 hrs ago headed to Alaska. While going through security my carry on bag was scanned twice because something strange was showing up on the scanner.After the 2nd scan the lady asked if this was my bag and I said yes. She asked me to come over while she looke...
I am flying out from San Jose California Saturday afternoon headed to Alaska. I will be checking on our home around Homer Alaska and also viewing the devastation across the state.There are approx 100 forest fires across Alaska and it is very hard to get around by car because there are only so man...
I don't feel safe in America With all the shootings around the country and mass murders. I don't feel safe anymore in America.Whether we make stricter gun laws, screen persons purchasing guns etc. the government and people in America need to wake up and do something.I think department stores, mal...
1.  The words of the Teacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. 2.  Vanity of vanities says the Teacher,      vanity of vanity! All is vanity.3.  What do people gain from all the toil     at which they toil under the sun?4.  A generation goes, and a generation comes,     but the earth remains ...
A Thief in The Night ... Well some may be wondering when the next Real Estate crash will take place and then some don't even care.But for anyone in the Real Estate Market it's important to hopefully have some type of idea when a crash is coming.Problem is the last crash around 2007-2008 came like...
I searched the web this morning trying to find out why people slam doors. I did find some articles that stated some of the reasons for slamming doors, anger, frustration, etc.But it did not explain "why" some people slam doors everyday, all day long, all week long and so on. There are several rea...

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